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A Chatbot Builder ( )


Value Proposition:
An intuitive AI chatbot platform that helps businesses improve customer support, lead generation, and other communication with a blend of AI, rule-based systems, and human touch through a live and video chat-enabled multi-channel dashboard.

I wanted to craft an email that would appeal to a target audience of Business owners, creators, and Individuals looking to expand customer engagement through the use of no-code chat builder.


Email Copy:

How to make more money by simply engaging more with your customers. And it’s not what you think.


You think your business sales has plateaued? Think again! your business can double it sales within few months using this very simple AI powered solution.

Stop worrying about how you can engage with your customers. Improve your customer engagement today with the AI powered chatbot builder without writing a single line of code, and get more happy customers who stick with your brand.

  • User-friendly, no-code chatbot builder: You can easily create and customize chatbots without the need for any coding skills.
  • The platform seamlessly blends AI with human interaction: You can leverage advanced AI capabilities to enhance the efficiency of customer interactions, providing a more personalized and dynamic experience.
  • Enables human interaction via live and video chat on multi-channel dashboards: You can infuse warmth and personalization into customer communication while benefiting from AI capabilities.

Create personalized chatbot in minutes.

Start using today and create chatbot that will improve customer Interaction in your business in no time.

Click here to get started.

P.s: Share this email with your friend or colleague who could also benefit from this.

Fitness AI Coach ( Impakt )


Value Proposition:
Maximize your fitness efficiency with AI Coach

I wanted to craft an email that would appeal to Individuals interested in loosing fat.


Email Copy:

Get the perfect workout tailored for your specific needs. Achieve fitness goals faster.


Stop struggling with fitness-workout that don’t work. Start getting fitness plan that is custom designed just for you. And get immediate feedback if you are doing it wrong.

Start experiencing result-oriented training with an AI coach that make you more healthy and fit by reducing your body fat percentage without wasting any time on routines that don’t work.

With the Impakt AI coach:

  • There is real time coaching: Your AI Coach guides and motivates you during workouts, acting as a virtual coach to provide support similar to a real coach.
  • Motivational support: You will get continuous motivation and support throughout your fitness journey.
  • Data-driven fitness insights: You can measure, understand, and improve your fitness levels with detailed statistics and insights provided by the AI Coach.

Your fitness ‘goal’ is already within reach with your real time AI coach by your side.

And you will be given specific insights to see in real-time what’s working, and keep improving.

What are you waiting for ? Get a Real-time coach and crush your body fat fitness goal quickly, Click here!

Your personal AI tutor (Cliptutor)


Value Proposition:

Learn and teach at lightspeed with one-click resource creation and extraction from educational materials

I wanted to craft an email that would appeal to students to Enhance their understanding of college subjects, no matter how challenging the topic is, with interactive learning and quizzes.


Email Copy:

Subject: Get better grades by learning at light-speed using AI.

Get the ultimate interactive learning experience. Stop making your learning feel boring. Engaging and interactive learning experiences often lead to better retention of information, and that can drastically improve your overall grades.

Enhance your understanding of college subjects, no matter how challenging the topic is, with interactive learning and quizzes that will give deep understanding of the subject ensuring massive improvement on your grades.


  1. Dive into interactive learning—it’s like a fun adventure where lessons feel real, using pictures and activities to make learning super interesting.
  2. Turn what you know into quizzes—kind of like playing games that make learning exciting, testing your brain with cool challenges and discovering new things.
  3. Meet AI-powered study guides—they’re like smart helpers that explain things in a way that’s easy to understand, making learning smooth and fun.
  4. Imagine having your own tutor for each subject—someone who helps you personally, making sure you understand things your way, so learning becomes easier and more enjoyable.

Interactive learning uses engaging factor fostering active participation and hands-on experiences that enhance understanding, critical thinking, and retention of information.

Flashcards and quizzes utilizes active recall, which enhances memory retention, and the opportunity for self-assessment, aiding in the identification of knowledge gaps and reinforcing learning.

There is personalized tutor for every subject with tailored guidance, addressing individual learning styles and pace, thereby maximizing comprehension, confidence, and academic performance.

Click here for an efficient learning path, and shoot up your academic performance easily.

Habits That Last ( Polar Habits )


Value Proposition
Build long lasting habits using the no-streak habit tracker.

I wanted to craft an email that would appeal to those wanting to build habits, and without feeling the zeal to give because they miss some days.

Email Copy:

Subject: Eliminate total frustration with habit streaks. Start building habits that last.

Stop feeling guilt due to not being consistent in your habit! Your journey of personal transformation should begin today. Propel towards self improvement and growth using the power of positive habits. Start building and tracking your habits without feeling guilt of occasional lapses in consistency.

Start creating powerful habits with the only habit tracker that protects your progress and confidence even when there are occasional slip-ups, instead it uses a momentum where you see the days you were consistent, and this can fuel your drive, and joy to keep working on your habits leading to you building lasting habits for life.

Build positive habits that last with the no-streak habit tracker tool, with this…

  • There are no streaks: Experience the satisfaction of steady progress as you build positive habits. No more interruptions or breaks — just a smooth, continuous journey toward your goals
  • There is momentum chart: See your achievements come to life with the momentum chart. Experience your progress in a vibrant visual display, boosting your motivation as you witness the growing momentum of your positive habits.
  • There is guilt-free tracking: Enjoy the freedom of guilt-free tracking. Instead of worrying about slip-ups, focus on your journey of self-improvement. Experience the relief of stress-free monitoring as you move toward a better version of yourself.

Hop on a journey of self improvement and start building lasting habits with the only habit tracker with no guilt, no streak, just a momentum chart to keep you going, Click here to begin your journey.

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